Buddha Dhyana Batik Small

Buddha Dhyana Batik Small
  • Buddha Dhyana Batik Small - Blue
  • Buddha Dhyana Batik Small - Brown
  • Buddha Dhyana Batik Small - Green
  • Buddha Dhyana Batik Small - Orange
  • Buddha Dhyana Batik Small - Purple
  • Buddha Dhyana Batik Small - Stone



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Product Description

Here the Buddha sits in quiet meditation, his hands in the position of the Dhyana Mudra. He sits cross legged in the lotus position, in one of his most well known poses.

The Dhyana Mudra is the gesture of absolute balance and of meditation. During meditation the Buddha concentrates on the good law and the attainment of spiritual perfection.

This position is the one assumed by Buddha as he was meditating under the Bodhi tree before he attained enlightenment. It indicates the perfect balance of thought, the resting of the senses, and tranquillity.

This batik is approximately 82cm x 56 cm

Please note that as this is a hand finished product, colours may vary slightly from those pictured

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