Batik - Buddha with Flower

Batik - Buddha with Flower


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  • Thai Buddha Head View

Product Description

Buddha sits atop a large lotus flower in the typical posture for meditation. He holds a long-stalked flower and a pot.

Buddhism is the pursuit of enlightenment. Reaching Nirvana breaks the otherwise endless cycle of reincarnation and dispels all worldly concerns such as ignorance, greed, hatred and fear.

The basic Buddhist teachings are straightforward and practical: nothing is fixed or permanent; actions have consequences; change is possible.

Buddhism is followed the world over, appealing to many for its lack of discrimination. Buddhists are of every race, class and gender. Buddhism does not prescribe the worship of one God, the creator of the universe, rather it teaches us that we are all unified.

Through practical techniques such as meditation, the Buddhist follower learns to adopt non-violence, tolerance, compassion and wisdom. With a higher level of awareness, the Buddhist affects the world around him (or her) in a positive way.

Please note that as this is a hand finished product, colours may vary from those pictured

Due to the nature of the hand printing techniques used in India, there may be natural variations in design and some double printing may occur, however this does not detract from the beautiful finish of this batik.

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