Krishna Statuette - 3 Inch

Krishna Statuette - 3 Inch

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Lord Krishna stands in his familiar stance, playing his flute in mid-dance. He wears a princely headdress and flowing skirt. Lord Krishna is largely perceived as an avatar of Vishnu and an aspect of the Supreme Being.

Krishna is often referred to as "the dark one" and depicted with black or clue skin. He appears throughout ancient scriptures spanning hundreds of years. It is therefore unclear as to when he first came to being, but it is widely accepted that he has incarnated many, many times.

Lord Krishna is the embodiment of love and divine joy. He is usually shown in the midst of musical and dancing ecstasy, sharing this with everyone around him. Krishna is the destroyer of all pain and sin. He is also the protector of sacred utterances and cows.


This figurine is intricately detailed and carved from a lightweight resin compound. It is light beige in colour.

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