Open-Neck Pirate Shirt

Open-Neck Pirate Shirt
  • Open-Neck Pirate Shirt - Large
  • Open-Neck Pirate Shirt - XL


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Product Description

These super-thick, rugged Pirate Shirts are really popular for everyday wear as well as making fabulous fancy dress items. The heavy cotton weave is strong and durable and you can be sure your Pirate Shirt will last you a lifetime.

The colour of these Open-Neck Pirate Shirts is a natural, off-white. They look as if they could well have been made by a beautiful island maiden who loves nothing better than to provide hard-working pirates with top clobber for treasure hunting and ship commandeering!

The front of the Open-Neck Pirate Shirt can be adjusted to suit. The rope loosens to reveal a longer neckline if desired, or pulled together for colder days. Open-Neck Pirate Shirts are great for winter months. They can be worn with an extra layer underneath and either loose over trousers or tucked in for snugness.

Heavy Cotton Pirate Shirt look especially dashing with a pair of leather trousers!! Ladies will swoon at this combination!

Heavy Cotton Pirate Shirts are 100% cotton come in 2 different sizes - Large and Extra Large (XL).

Large Pirate Shirts are 20 inches shoulder to shoulder and 27 inches in length.

Extra Large Pirate Shirts are 22 inches shoulder to shoulder and 30 inches in length.

Are you looking for a Jack Sparrow outfit? The Open-Neck Pirate Shirt is a great start!

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