Blue Clown/ Jester Dungarees

Blue Clown/ Jester Dungarees

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These dungarees are just what you need for a fun-filled day out any time of year. Dungarees are traditionally worn in the summertime, but these Clown/ Jester Dungarees are fairly heavyweight so you can wear them in the winter too, to brighten up your mood!

Blue Blue Clown/ Jester Dungarees have got thick red and orange stripes down the legs on the front. On the backs of the legs there is a funky Mexican style stripe.

Blue Clown/ Jester Dungarees have three pockets - one on the front with a button to close it and two at hip level for your hands in idle, lazy, clowning moments.

Blue Clown/ Jester Dungarees are perfect for festivals, partying and entertaining others. It's impossible to be miserable in a pair of Clown/ Jester Dungarees!

Blue Clown/ Jester Dungarees come in 2 sizes - Small and Medium. The Small dungarees have a 37 inch leg, the Medium dungarees have a 40 inch leg (please note that this is measured from a high waistband).

Blue Clown/ Jester Dungarees are a baggy fit for total comfort.

Please note: We're having a big clear-out of these dungarees at the moment because some of the sliders on the shoulder straps have minor tarnish marks. (Not the bright, shiny metal buckles at the front, but the bits for adjusting the length.) Aside from this, our dungarees are tip top! But please bear this in mind when placing your order.

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