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Henna Tattoo Paste

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Free your artistic mind and create beautiful henna tattoos with Shweta Henna Tattoo Paste. Henna tattoos are traditionally for hands and feet but can be applied anywhere on the body. With free henna tattoo stencil!

Henna Tattoo Paste is made from the henna plant and other natural ingredients. It will leave a sensual, dark, earthy brown colour that can last up to 6 weeks.

Summer time is perfect for adorning your limbs with henna tattoos. Treat your body to some ethnic decoration while it absorbs the sunshine!

Shweta Henna Tattoo Paste comes in a tube with 2 different sized plastic screw-on nibs to aid accurate line-making.

Draw your henna tattoo design, then leave the paste on for one hour, allowing it to dry. Once dry, brush off the paste to reveal your enchanting new design.

Henna Tattoo Paste is temporary. It will fade after a few washes.

Please note that different skin types respond differently to Shweta Henna Tattoo Paste. Tattoos will last longer on some skins than others.

Shweta Henna Tattoo Paste comes with 1 free tattoo stencil!

instructions are included with Shweta Henna Tattoo Paste.

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    • 4 out of 5 Stars

    pyp on 22nd December 2009

    Hello, I used the new paste and the colour is great, it stays on for a very long time. There are only a few down sides but it is all things that can be rectified. For one the tube tends to split, but with a bit of tape it works enough to get a pattern. The stencils do not work with this paste as it is very runny, so it slides under the stencils leaving just one big circle. You only get two nibs instead of three like the leaflet says, and like I said above it is runny so this makes delicate designs hard, but big bold patterns are good to do with it. I think that if you wanted to do some intricate designs with it you could just bulk it out with some henna paste to thicken it a bit. A nice product that does not take too long to dry, leaves a nice colour and is hard wearing.

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