Tibetan Cymbals (Tingshas)

Tibetan Cymbals (Tingshas)
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Product Description

Tibetan Cymbals (Tingshas) create a purifying vibration. Tingshas can be used to clear away negative energy from your environment, to cleanse your chakras and to cleanse crystals.

Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals are often used at the beginning and end of meditation. They are played by holding the joining cord so that the cymbals are level. The cymbals are gently brought together to produce a soothing, high-pitched chime.

Sound frequencies directly affect certain chakras and organs in the body. High frequencies relate to the crown chakra - the top most chakra where all energy is ultimately directed when meditating.

The sound of Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals is physically felt as hindering and blocked energy disperses from our bodies and minds.

Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals come in three sizes: * Large - 8cm diameter * Medium - 7cm diameter * Small - 6cm diameter

Please note that designs may vary

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