Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls - Small
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls - Medium
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls - Large



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Product Description

Tibetan Singing Bowls are actually a type of bell that is played while either resting on a surface or being held. The note produced can be felt in the body as a penetrating vibration.

Tibetan Singing Bowls are ideal for meditation. they can either be struck using the stick for a single note, or alternatively by dragging the stick around the rim, a sustained 'song' can be produced. The note fills the room and vibrates deep within your body, cleansing your body, aura and surroundings of negative chi.

The Tibetan Singing Bowls come in three sizes.

  • Small - approx 132mm in diameter and approx 60mm deep

  • Medium - approx 145mm in diameter and approx 63mm deep

  • Large - approx 165mm in diameter and approx 70mm deep

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