Krishna Batik Large

Krishna Batik Large
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Product Description

Krishna is shown here in traditional stance, playing the flute in princely robes. Lord Krishna is a playful and expressive. He is often depicted in His child form.

Krishna is widely seen as an incarnation of Vishnu. For many, Lord Krishna is the God of Love - He charmed women with His flute playing, and the love He invoked in them is said to symbolise the deep, divine love between God and His followers. Krishna also appears as the mature teacher who revealed the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna.

Krishna is worshipped by many devotees, across the world. The Sanskrit word kṛṣṇa literally means of "black", "dark" or "dark-blue" and Krishna is often depicted in paintings with blue skin.

This wall-hanging batik is hand-printed and strong quality. It has a stone-washed background, adding depth to the image.

The Batik is approximately 100cm x 130cm.

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