Buddha Bhumisparsa Batik Small

Buddha Bhumisparsa Batik Small
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Product Description

The Buddha is taking the position of the Bhumisparsa Mudra. This literally represents the Buddha as taking the earth as witness.

It represents the moment when Buddha took the earth as testimony when he had resolved the problem of cessation of suffering.

In the Bhumisparsa, the left hand lies in the lap, palm upward. The right hand bends over the right knee, with fingers slightly touching the ground.

During meditation, Buddha was subjected to many temptations posed by the evil Mara who bombarded him with demons, violent storms and his three seductive daughters.

However, Buddha remained steadfast. He pointed to the earth with his hand and called on the Earth Goddess, Thorani. She rose from the ground and by wringing the water from her long black hair caused a flood that drowned Mara and his army of demons.

The Bhumisparsa gesture symbolizes enlightenment as well as steadfastness.

This batik is approximately 82cm x 56 cm

Please note that as this is a hand finished product, colours may vary slightly from those pictured

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